Abdelhak Nouri’s family reaches compensation agreement with Ajax

Formal ratification may take some time, as Nouri is under administration. After signing the contracts between the two parties, the district court must then approve everything. However, the two sides are not in the running. Yet the family of former Ajax talent only see real relief when everything is on paper. In terms of content, Nouri’s family does not wish to comment further. No explanation will be given until the matter has been formally concluded.

On July 8, 2017, Nouri collapsed during a training camp in Austria during the exhibition match between Ajax and Werder Bremen. Treatment on the pitch was inadequate, Ajax manager Edwin van der Sar later admitted. The then 20-year-old midfielder suffered serious brain damage. His situation remains unchanged for the moment: he is being looked after at home by his family. This happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nouri is able to show emotions and he can communicate somewhat through facial expressions.

Ajax has been held responsible by Nouri’s family. These are the costs of his care, compensation for moral damage and the loss of his earning capacity, although many questions have arisen on this subject; how good would Nouri have become?

Nouri’s family submitted an arbitration request to the KNVB in January this year because they were unable to reach an agreement with Ajax on compensation. So now an agreement has been made between Ajax and the family. Nothing will be disclosed about the amount and additional content. However, it is clear that these are the costs of his care, the loss of property that he could have earned and an amount for the moral damage suffered, that is to say, a bereavement allowance.

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