Airline disruptions highlight demand for travel insurance

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Over the past month, American and Southwest Airlines have canceled thousands of flights for reasons including weather and understaffing. With travelers already facing additional challenges brought on by Covid-19, these sudden flight cancellations highlight the need for travelers to prepare for travel disruptions.

According to the travel insurance comparison site, 70% more travelers are insured for travel this holiday season into 2019. Ahead of peak season, Squaremouth explains how travel insurance can help if your airline leaves you stranded.

Coverage of booking change fees
Many travel insurance policies include coverage for travelers whose flights are delayed or canceled by their travel provider. Typically, this can include reimbursement of additional transportation costs needed to help the traveler continue their trip as planned.

Benefits during a delay
When a traveler’s flight is unexpectedly delayed or canceled by their airline, most policies can offer benefits during their delay, including coverage for food, accommodation, and local transportation. This cover is triggered after a fixed period, at least 3 hours.

Reimbursement of missed expenses
In addition to reimbursing additional transportation and delay costs, travel insurance policies can reimburse travelers for the portion of their trip that was missed during the delay or cancellation of the flight. This can include accommodation, transportation, and excursion costs – among other non-refundable travel expenses – that have been missed.

Know the fine print
While this type of coverage is common, the details vary by policy. The most lenient policies offer these benefits for “any common carrier delay,” while others specify the cause of the delay.

Travelers seeking this type of coverage should understand their policy language and may want to opt for the less restrictive policy language.

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