Blames Shelton Mayor for delay in replacing SHS gymnasium floor

I like to refresh the memory of the mayor. He said he was not made aware of the Shelton High gymnasium floor. At the May 19 meeting of the Board of Education – Building and Grounds Transportation Committee, it was reported that more than a third of the ground had been damaged.

In video of the May 19 board subcommittee meeting, the school building director said he filed a complaint with the city and that when he spoke to the city this morning there, he was told they would meet with the mayor to approve the claim to be sent to the insurer.

The mayor attributed the delays to the difficulty of obtaining the materials and setting up the work. At the time of this interview, the decision to have synthetic or wood flooring was still pending and no contractor had been hired. How can there be a delay when the materials haven’t been decoded and no one has been hired to do the job?

The Mayor points out that Shelton Middle School and Perry Hill School have gymnasiums. What’s the plan to bring the three women’s volleyball teams to these other schools for practice and games? The bus company is struggling enough to get children to school reliably. What if it interferes with the basketball season? How will the athletes get to other schools?

John “Jack” Finn

Former alderman of the first quarter

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