CFC reveals tool to help prevent phishing attacks

Specialized insurer CFC has announced the addition of a new phishing simulation tool to its Response mobile application. The tool allows users to launch a mock phishing campaign against a targeted list of colleagues whose credentials have been exposed on the dark web, the CFC said.

“Phishing emails are the entry point for about a third of the cyber complaints we see, affecting organizations of all types and sizes,” said Roger Francis, director of cyber complaints for CFC. “Companies can get caught up in a mass campaign, or it could be the first step in a more targeted attack. Our new tool, available free of charge on our Response application, offers our cyber and tech policyholders a simple and easy-to-use capability to combat human vulnerabilities in their business, helping their teams to identify and prevent phishing campaigns.

Users can request the sending of simulated phishing emails with just one click on the app. Targets who click in error are redirected to an educational page where they can learn how to identify and prevent future phishing attacks and social engineering campaigns, the CFC said. Response users receive a campaign summary after two weeks, identifying who was phished. A new simulated campaign will be run for the customer each month as long as the tool remains active.

“This new functionality complements the existing one-click risk management tools already available – Deep Scanning and Dark Web Monitoring – allowing companies in all industries to easily access and implement extremely risk mitigation strategies. precious, ”said Francis. “Since its launch less than a year ago, thousands of our policyholders have downloaded the Response application, and we are seeing a positive impact on cyber claims, both in terms of frequency and severity.

The Response application provides proactive security alerts to customers based on information gathered by CFC’s threat intelligence team. It also allows users to get free advice from CFC’s internal cybersecurity team and quickly notify CFC of any cyber incident.

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