CLARA Analytics and Unqork Partner to Offer Worker Complaint Management Oversight Without AI Code

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA & NEW YORK – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –CLARA Analytics (“CLARA”), the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) -based workers compensation claims management tools, today announced a partnership with Unqork, the leading no-code enterprise platform, to bring CLARA’s predictive AI analytics to enterprise risk managers and insurance companies through risk management software built on the no-code platform. Unqork code. This powerful combination will enable risk professionals to analyze and uncover the key drivers of claims complexity and enable them to proactively undertake loss prevention and mitigation initiatives to minimize their exposure to claims, which their claims are managed internally, by a third party or directly by an insurance company.

Risk managers have a lot to do with the claims of their injured workers. They want to ensure that complaints are handled in the most efficient manner possible and that workers receive the best possible care for effective and full recovery. Additionally, risk managers want insight into multiple areas – what injuries are happening, where they are happening, and when – across their facilities to take appropriate corrective actions that minimize future hazards and injuries.

CLARA’s AI models, built on its proprietary data lake of 3.7 million workers’ compensation claims, unleash this information. For nearly ten years, CLARA clients have known very early on which claims will get complicated, which medical providers will produce the best care and results, which claims are likely to become contentious and which lawyers are best suited to handle each case. By building software using Unqork’s codeless platform, operators can launch new critical software 3 times faster and at one-third the cost, compared to methods that rely on coding. In terms of risk management, this allows carriers to rapidly evolve their risk management software, easily provide information and support the complaints process, thereby improving the user experience for risk managers and operators. clients.

“Traditional and laborious, code-based methods have prevented IT departments from delivering cutting-edge risk management data and visualizations to risk managers and their teams,” said Farooq Sheikh, chief marketing officer for insurance at Unqork. “Unqork allows operators to develop critical software without writing a single line of code. We are excited to partner with CLARA Analytics, enabling carriers and self-insured companies to develop a comprehensive suite of risk management information and add value to all of their stakeholders. ”

“Our partnership with Unqork is very exciting,” said Tom Warden, Director of Insurance and Science at CLARA Analytics. “We are looking to expand the range of customers we serve, and Unqork has already established its codeless platform with many companies that self-insure for workers’ compensation. As Unqork focuses more on risk management tools for its clients, we will bring to their claims portfolios a level of knowledge that they always wanted but couldn’t get. Our partnership with Unqork is truly a winning proposition for everyone.

About CLARA Analytics

CLARA Analytics improves claims outcomes in commercial insurance with easy-to-use AI-based products. The company’s suite of products applies image recognition, natural language processing and other AI-based techniques to unlock information from medical notes, invoices, and other documents surrounding a claim. CLARA’s predictive insights give adjusters “AI superpowers” ​​that help them reduce claims costs and optimize results for the carrier, customer and claimant. CLARA’s clients include companies from the world’s 25 largest insurers, large third-party administrators, and self-insured organizations. Founded in 2016, CLARA Analytics is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information visit, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Unqork

Unqork is the industry-leading no-code enterprise application platform that helps large enterprises build, deploy, and manage complex applications without writing a single line of code. Organizations like Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, New York City, Chicago and Washington, DC, and Maimonides Medical Center use Unqork’s drag-and-drop interface to build business applications faster, with better quality and at lower cost than conventional approaches. . To learn more, please visit:

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