Corona families will receive compensation, the portal will be published within two weeks

New Delhi: The Central Modi government assured the Supreme Court that an online portal would be developed within two weeks. This will allow for life compensation claims from patients who have lost their lives due to coronavirus infection. The Supreme Court said many people have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus.

The Supreme Court said these people still did not know about the compensation plan. In such a situation, governments should publicize widely. The Supreme Court said that a system should also be created where victims can apply for compensation online. All opposition parties, including Congress, had pressured the central government to compensate the dead corona’s next of kin in order to secure their future. A request to this effect has also been filed with the Supreme Court.

In September, the central government told the Supreme Court that state governments would provide compensation of Rs. 50,000 to families who have lost their lives due to the coronavirus. The Supreme Court was also told that compensation would be paid to those who have lost their lives so far from Corona, including those who have lost their lives in the future.

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