Customized Services and Solutions Drive Growth in Small Business Niche for Ancillary Benefits Provider

Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of America has grown rapidly over the past six years. During this time, it has grown from a dental-only group operator with a small subscriber base to a multi-line operator offering a suite of ancillary group products to a national subscriber base. The company’s employment has quintupled and its business footprint has expanded to include the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Midwest and Western United States regions, including Nevada. In addition, the company’s financial rating by AM Best Company went from B ++ to A.

Renaissance’s leadership attributes its success to the company’s commitment to providing an exceptional benefits experience for every client.

Renaissance aligns people, products and processes to deliver exceptional benefits

Renaissance specializes in dental, vision, life insurance and disability plans with customizable options for groups of two to 250 members. This strong focus on fringe benefits allows Renaissance to do things differently.

“We think our ancillary insurance products are fantastic, but we think it’s our dedicated service that really sets us apart,” says Robert mulligan, President and CEO of Renaissance. “For every customer, we put the right people, the right products and the right processes together to deliver an experience that stands out. “

The company’s ability to act locally creates a more personalized and efficient process.

“From providing quotes and creating new cases, to onboarding new groups and handling complaints, we deliver rapid turnaround times that redefine the perception of a carrier’s responsiveness. We also empower our weemployees and broker partners to develop creative solutions to challenges that help us deliver hassle-free benefits to small groups, ”said Mulligan.


Renaissance regularly sets up new cases in just a few days.

“I don’t care if a client sends a new business case on the back of a napkin,” says Phyllis tucker, first vice-president, Operations management at Renaissance. “As long as we have all the information, we take that information and put this file in place… very quickly. “

In addition, the company has a strong track record of dealing with complaints quickly. For example, 98% of its dental claims are processed within 10 days, according to internal data from Renaissance, 2020.


Another factor that sets Renaissance apart is its emphasis on meeting the ancillary or voluntary service needs of small businesses. “A lot of carriers are just not interested in small groups,” says Jeff Kolesar, Chief Operating Officer at Renaissance. “But that’s our niche, so we pay special attention to creating a better benefits experience for groups of 250 people or less. “

Sometimes with other carriers, customers can feel overlooked and frustrated because they are not receiving the service they expect. At Renaissance, the entire Perks experience is designed for small groups, including personalized quotes, personalized packages, onboarding and employee communication resources, and ongoing support.


“Using a true team approach, Renaissance accompanies clients throughout their benefits experience,” explains Kolesar. “Each employer group is assigned an experienced account manager who can be contacted directly to answer questions or provide assistance.”

While Renaissance has a philosophy of high contact intensity service in the traditional sense of telephone, email and, where applicable, in-person communication, the company has also made technology a priority. Over the past year, Renaissance has developed a next generation management platform that will support innovation, expansion and rapid growth with multiple product management systems under a cloud platform for better efficiency and accessibility.

“And, looking to the future, we are committed to using smart technology applications to deliver better customer experiences,” says Kolesar.


“We have a team of professionals with years of ancillary service experience, but we are an agile, growing and entrepreneurial company,” says Mulligan. “With the 2018 purchase of a group life, disability and accident insurance organization, we enhanced our portfolio and expanded our ability to serve brokers, groups and members nationwide. “

With a full line of group products – including dental, vision, life, disability and accident insurance – Renaissance can bring products together. Often, this provides a more convenient and efficient way for small businesses to purchase supplemental insurance, thereby simplifying administration and billing.

Additionally, by focusing on ancillary benefits, Renaissance is not distracted by some of the issues facing other large healthcare delivery organizations. This means that the company can place more emphasis on the continuous improvement of its ancillary services.


“We are always on the lookout for innovative opportunities to delight our customers,” adds Kolesar. “And that means using creativity in our product offerings.”

For example, Renaissance offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with its life insurance products that goes beyond the traditional approach to create a more holistic experience for employee well-being. In addition to behavioral health services, it includes a time-saving health promotion benefit where certified benefit specialists are available to help employees navigate the healthcare system, provide assistance with claims , help research providers, and even answer HSA questions. *

Another outstanding feature of Renaissance’s product is its orthodontic maximum dental insurance reset, which pays for ongoing orthodontic treatment, regardless of a member’s previous insurer coverage. In addition, for people with medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, some dental plans offer up to two additional cleanings per benefit period.


The combination of the interest generated by the pandemic in health and well-being and a tight labor market presents an opportunity for employers to review and improve their benefit offerings. For those looking for a partner who offers the same white glove treatment whether their group has two members or 250 members, Renaissance is ready to help.

“We understand that companies have a lot of carrier choices, and we’re just one of them,” says Mulligan. “The way we’re going to demonstrate we’re worth doing business with us is when you need us the most. When a deadline has to be met or a problem has arisen, our employees are empowered to respond. “

“At Renaissance, our mission is simple. We want to make insurance easy and accessible to all of our constituents, ”concludes Mulligan. “Our goal is to give everyone a unique experience.”

To learn more about the benefits of adding dental, vision, life and disability coverage to your benefit package and to download free resources, visit

* The EAP feature associated with life insurance is not available in Florida or New York. EAP products and services are not provided by Renaissance and do NOT constitute insurance. Renaissance and eni are separate legal entities with no ownership affiliation. Renaissance makes no warranties or representations (express or implied) and assumes no legal responsibility for any information, products, benefits or services provided by eni.

Submitted by Renaissance Life and Health Insurance Company of America, Indianapolis, Indiana, and in new York through Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of New York, Binghamton, New York. Both companies can be contacted at PO Box 1596, Indianapolis, IN 46206. The products may not be available in all states and jurisdictions.

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