Delhi: Woman Received Rs 2 Crore Compensation For Bad Haircut And Salon Treatment At ITC Maurya Hotel

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission awarded Rs 2 crore compensation to a woman for a poor haircut and treatment administered to her by salon staff at the ITC Maurya hotel in 2018, which left her “with little or almost no hair”. The complainant was a model for hair products.

The order was issued by Judge RK Agrawal and Dr SM Kantikar, observing that there is “no doubt that women are very careful and careful with their hair” and that they “spend a lot to keep hair in good condition “.

“They are also emotionally attached to their hair. The complainant was a model for hair products because of her long hair. She has modeled for VLCC and Pantene. But due to the haircut against her instructions by the Opposing Party No.2 (ITC Hotels Ltd), she lost her expected assignments and suffered a huge loss which completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream of to be a top model ”, indicates the order. .

The complainant planned to continue her modeling assignments, mainly related to hair products, and was also offered a role in the cinema.

On April 12, 2018, she went to the salon at the ITC Maurya hotel for a haircut as she had an upcoming interview at the time. The woman asked for her usual hairdresser who was not available and was provided with another hairdresser on staff insurance.
The complainant was “shocked and surprised to find that despite her specific instructions for long layers / layers covering her face in the front and back, and a straight haircut 4 inches from the bottom “, The hairdresser had” cut all of her hair. leaving only 4 inches from the top to touch his shoulder ”.

Salon staff offered her free hair treatment, which the complainant said “questionable and damaged her hair”. “Her scalp was burnt with a severe burning sensation from the hair treatment and there was itching and flaking on the scalp. The chemical used in the treatment of the hair caused permanent damage to her scalp, ”the committee noted.

The Committee also noted that she also worked as a senior manager and earned a decent income. “She suffered a severe mental breakdown and trauma due to opposing party # 2’s neglect in cutting her hair and couldn’t concentrate on her job and ultimately lost her job. That aside, opposing party # 2 is also guilty of medical negligence in the treatment of the hair. His scalp has been burned and there are still allergies and itching due to the fault of the staff of the No. 2 opposite party, ”the order said.

The woman said she had “suffered from severe mental breakdown and severe self-esteem as she still had long hair and due to misconduct on the part of ITC Hotels Ltd she ended up with little or almost no hair ”.

“She stopped seeing herself in the mirror… and her social activities. She is a communications professional and (is) required to participate in meetings and interactive sessions. But she lost confidence in herself because of her small hair. She also suffered loss of earnings due to a nervous breakdown after the poor quality haircut and, subsequently, the torture hair treatment. She also quit her job… It is argued that she suffered pain and trauma during the past two years after this incident, ”the commission recorded.

The respondents in the case had argued that “the compensation claimed by the complainant is ex-facie exaggerated and without any basis”.

“No basis has been established in the complaint on which the claim for compensation was quantified at Rs 3 crore. The Complainant has deliberately inflated the alleged claim in order to invoke the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court and the complaint is likely to ‘be dismissed for lack of pecuniary jurisdiction,’ argued counsel for the respondent.

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