Employer-designed health care provider challenges Wall Street

The pandemic has raised awareness of our crumbling healthcare system, with many hoping to see sweeping reforms as America battles the pandemic. Sadly, that didn’t happen, and it doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon.

One of the reasons is due to the American political system, which tends to have backroom deals to keep the health care system unchanged. In Steven Brill’s book America’s bitter pill, the faulty system has been examined in more detail and provided a shocking reading to many who have read it. that of Carl Schuessler inspiration to found Mitigate partners came after reading the Time magazine article by Steven Brill, America’s bitter pill, which exposed America’s failing healthcare system. At the time, it was the longest article ever published by Time magazine. The article fueled Schuessler’s frustrations at being unable to help his clients with their healthcare costs using traditional carrier approaches. He also learned about many other advisers / consultants who were trying to reform the health system.

Schuessler has over 30 years of experience in financial advisory and services. Her goal, as described, is to treat her client’s money as ‘his own’, helping them empathize and find the best way to save money. He achieves the goal of better healthcare through his company, Mitigate Partners.

The “extravagant” health system

Mitigate Partners is a group of independent consultants who help contain healthcare costs for employers and help employees achieve the best benefits at the lowest cost. Currently, Mitigate Partners has 29 locations from the east coast to Nevada with many more to come. After reading Brill’s article, Schuessler created The FairCost health plan which is one of the many tools used by Mitigate Partners. The aim is to reduce unnecessary costs for employers and to make the process transparent and easier. When creating the plan, Schuessler used his frustration with the “extravagant” healthcare system to create a cohesive means of attacking the facility.

Changing health spending

Many Mitigate partners are members of the Rosette Health ecosystem, which focus on accelerating “simple” and “non-partisan” fixes to the US healthcare system. The goal was to create a group focused on providing benefits while reducing expenses by up to 30 percent. In some cases, Mitigate Partners can help employers save even more.

Mitigate Partners thinks of building a health care plan like building a house, with every savings item in their plan being a brick. Starting with strong foundational components such as Direct primary care, additional savings items (bricks) are added to create a personalized plan for each employer that protects their employees while simultaneously reducing construction costs. One way to do this is to help every employer actively manage their plan by ending the addiction to passive management by the biggest names in healthcare and creating a personalized healthcare model instead.

On their website, they have many case studies of employers who have saved money by using Mitigate Partners. One of them, DeSoto Memorial Hospital, succeeded in reducing their health expenditure by 54%. Another customer, The Gasparilla Inn & Club, saved $ 1.8 million or 34% over three years, providing employees with closer, more efficient healthcare by removing all barriers to care without deductibles and with little or no out-of-pocket expenses.

Mitigate Partners is a “consortium” of independent consultants across the country helping to build a broad knowledge base. Mitigate Partners sees the struggle to transform the health insurance delivery model to be a collaborative effort and not something to be bogged down in what they call “legacy thinking,” using older methods of managing care. health.

Thinking outside the “BUCAH box”

Schuessler also said any business can join them, and all they need is to have “a little courage” and look outside the “BUCAH box”.

Designated insurance companies in the field of employee benefits consulting as BUCAH, which refers to the big five health insurance providers: Blue Cross / Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna and Humana. Mitigate’s goal is to help employers realize there are more options, and those options don’t mean sacrificing

quality, savings or access. In many cases, employers can save money while providing better benefits by looking outside the establishment and implementing other bridging solutions.

Mitigate Partners is changing healthcare by offering new alternatives outside of the top five. They are changing the way coverage is performed and will help people who need health care get the benefits they deserve.

For employers looking for affordable health care and those fed up with being bogged down by current insurance companies, this could be an interesting solution to America’s health care crisis.

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