How to prepare your community for natural disasters and gain new business

Previously, a catastrophic season could indicate a certain period of the year. Yet in recent years itIt is becoming clear that severe weather events and natural disasters can occur regardless of time and place.

Insurers and commercial policyholders in the Gulf and Central and South Atlantic states no longer have to worry only about the hurricane season. In addition, insurers and commercial policyholders in the North need to worry about more than ice storms and snow squalls. ThisNow it’s essential to prepare for a variety of major storms, fires, blizzards and other types of weather.

Thiss where you enter.

Be an ally of the community

As an independent agency, you are a fundamental ally in your community. When businesses in your community are struggling, so will your agency. Your success is directly linked to the success of your neighbors.

Your agency can be a resource during inclement weather, natural disasters, community hardships, a pandemic, and other inevitable or unexpected events. At times like these, your customers will ask you questions about coverage, safety guidelines, workplace guidelines and their employees.

What are the challenges?

According to a recent JD Power study, Customer satisfaction for small commercial lines has decreased by 15 points over the past two years – a decrease of 7 points from a year ago and a decrease of 8 points in 2020 compared to 2019. “

Two notable concerns emerged from this study:

  1. Policyholders were concerned about the lack of interaction that insurers, primarily large carriers, had with policyholders regarding the business impacts of COVID-19. Now that’s to be expected. It would take time to understand, process and disseminate information about the coronavirus specific to each state, county, etc.
  2. Policyholders were not satisfied with the lack of proactivity when dealing with the business impacts of COVID-19. Now it is important to add some context to this statement. Unsurprisingly, proactive contacts with policyholders increased sharply in 2021 to reach 45%.

It was not the speed at which carriers made contact; that was the content of the communication. Policyholders expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of information provided during this contact.

This does not bode well for the direct-to-consumer insurance model. Large carriersthe inability to bring a personal touch to individual communities, timely support, and various policy options negatively impact their once-defended user experience. Now independent agents can deliver a much richer hybrid model to consumers. Well, that’s… if you make that choice.

What do you need to better serve your community?

To be a resource, help your community prepare for both common and unexpected events. When things are unexpected, you need to be timely. You need to put in place processes that make your agency agile. Agile in your communication with your customers and prospects. Agile in your ability to update your website with useful resources.

Prepare your community

Content is king.

If your community is hit by hurricanes on a regular basis, help your neighbors and local businesses prepare with the annual distribution of checklists and guides. If you live in an area where forest fires are common, help them prevent them with prevention materials. If your agency doesTo have the resources to quickly create and disseminate useful information during disastrous or unforeseen events to your customers and prospects, trust technology to help you in this regard.

Your customers will appreciate it and remember you did it.

Respond quickly

To be timely, you need to be prepared when the unexpected happens, as Will Smith says: If you stay ready, you are notI have to get myself ready.

Automate processes. Have tools to segment, compose and distribute useful information to your customers and prospects. Have a website that allows you to be agile and update information quickly. Yes heIt’s possible to be able to update a powerful and high quality website yourself.

Remember that inclement weather, natural disasters, pandemics, and catastrophic events do happen. TheThere is no way to avoid them. The best thing you can do is be there for your community in times of disaster. With the right process, preparation, and a little agility, you can serve your customers like never before. After all, who knows your community better than you?

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