McDonald’s CEO fired for his relations with workers in order to return severance pay

Steve easterbrook, former CEO of McDonald’s, she was Started 2 years ago at Violate company policy and keep consensual relationship with an employee. Now, after coming to terms with what his business was and who else he sued for lying to the board, You should return 105 million euros In the assets and money he received in compensation, he also published CNN .

Steve Easterbrook was booked in 2015 by McDonal’s and fired four years later after learning he broke company policy by having a relationship with an employee. (Photo: Hannelore Forster / Getty Images)

Easterbrook was fired in 2019, after four years at McDonald’s, after breaking the rules of the fast food restaurant business and showing “lack of judgment regarding a recent consensual relationship with an employee.” A few months later, in August 2020, the former employee at the time He received a lawsuit from his old company for lying to the board about the real extent of his relations with employees.

Now that the lawsuit between the two parties is resolved, the Briton must return the 105 million euros he received in compensation for the dismissal in the form of cash and shares, although it is not yet known how they will be returned to McDonald’s. Enrique Hernandez Jr., Chairman of the Board, explained that “Settlement holds Steve Easterbrook accountable for his apparent misconductincluding how he used his role as CEO. The decision avoids a long legal process and allows us to move forward.

In his day, Easterbrook apologized and admitted that he had “failed at times to stand up for McDonald’s values ​​and take on some of my responsibilities as the leader of the company.” In the lawsuit against him which has already been resolved, he said the company had received information that the CEO was fired He had other relationships with many workers and opened an investigation.

Further investigations into what happened have revealed “dozens of photos and videos showing the nudity, partial or sexually explicit nudity of different women.” McDonald’s board of directors agreed to settle the lawsuit, ruling out any legal action to try to close the case two years later.

They refer to the fact that the termination of the contract has taken place Country, because “for no reason” is what allowed Easterbrook to receive the millionaire’s compensation. To discover later At least three more “sexual relations” with employees in addition to the recognized employee and in one case hand over the shares to an employee.

“With this agreement, employees, management and management of the company can continue to focus their attention on the growth of the company,” they said from McDonald’s.

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