Offering Equal Compensation, Conspiracies to Women Over 18 Affected by Airport Project: Study | News from Noida

Greater Noida: A seven-member multidisciplinary expert assessment committee, led by Professor IGNOU Satish Kumar, reviewed the findings of the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) study on Saturday that recommended equality Rehabilitation and Resettlement (RnR) rights and benefits for women to be affected by the second stage of the Noida International Airport project. The panel will forward the findings of the SIA group to the state government for further action.
Faculty members of Gautam Buddha Nagar University, who were tasked with compiling the SIA report, had conducted public hearings in the six villages – Mundhera, Birampur, Kureb, Ranhera, Karauli Bangar and Dayanatpur – which will report to the second stage of the from 1 to 11 November and recently presented their findings to the committee of experts.
According to officials, a total of 6,830 families are likely to be affected by the second phase of the project. Among them, 5,063 families are likely to be displaced. During the public hearings, those likely to be affected by the project had called for several changes to existing policies, the SIA team said. One of these is equal rights and rehabilitation and resettlement (RnR) benefits for the women who will be affected.
During the first phase, although Rs 5.50 lakh was offered to adult female family members who had to abandon their homes because of the project, land in Jewar Bangar township was only offered. ‘to adult men. Explaining the reason for the mismatch, a senior administrative official said it was assumed that unmarried girls, over the age of 18, would end up moving to their future spouse’s house after they were married and that no land would was therefore offered to them.
Vivek Mishra, the SIA team’s nodal officer, said the team recommended giving land to single adult women as part of the RnR program. He added that the final allocation of the land will be decided by the district administration in later stages.
The team also recommended acquiring the land and distributing the RnR benefits through a one-stop-shop, unlike the last time villagers had to make multiple rounds of government offices to claim the benefits or submit the required documents for verification. . The team asked the authorities to pay the price of the land acquired and the amount of the RnR benefit to the families affected by the project to help them better plan their future lives.
The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, meanwhile, will be asked to notify abadi settlements in villages that are not part of the project to ensure that they are not asked to leave their plots in the future. officials said. YEIDA will decide whether different building regulations will be implemented in the abadi settlements in the future.
The SIA team also recommended realigning the boundaries of the second stage of the project to keep the abadi settlement of Nagla Hukum Singh village out of reach.
Kunwar Pal Singh from Ranhera village, who is part of the expert committee, demanded that people, who are self-employed and run small businesses, be offered equivalent employment opportunities during resettlement.

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