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KOCHI: The High Court on Wednesday criticized Kerala police for continuing to defend the pink police officer who subjected an eight-year-old girl to a “public trial” for theft and called on the state government to inform the amount of compensation that may be awarded to the girl.
Judge Devan Ramachandran questioned the police position after a government lawyer told him the child was not bullied not by policeman CP Rejitha, but by the crowd that had gathered around ‘them.
Although the state police chief raised such a claim in an affidavit, the court dismissed it in an earlier hearing.
When the government maintained the same position during Wednesday’s hearing, the court noted that the police officer had admitted his guilt and asked why the police objected to taking appropriate disciplinary action against the officer. The court also said the officer’s apology did not mean there would be no disciplinary action.
While asking the government to come up with an amount of compensation, the court said that compensation should be awarded. Through the petition, the young girl asked for compensation of Rs 50 lakh.
A psychologist who assessed the girl after the incident informed the court that she was a strong, mature girl and did not need any further clinical support. The court said she needed justice and called on the government to come up with compensation by Monday.

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