Pizza delivery boy injured in car hijacking faces car insurance issues

Domino’s pizza delivery driver Dave Rabenstein is recovering from a broken back and wrist after being the victim of a car theft on Father’s Day in Minneapolis. (Dave Rabenstein / Supplied)

A pizza delivery driver on the Twin Cities subway injured in a carjacking last month faces not only a lengthy recovery, but issues with his auto insurance policy as well.

“Every time I lay down I have a head swing, every time I stand up I have a head swing,” said Dave Rabenstein, a pizza delivery driver from Domino’s. “I can’t turn my head too fast. I have to take it slow.”

For more than three weeks now, Rabenstein has said the only time he’s done anything other than moving from bed to his couch is attending doctor visits after a spooky episode of pizza delivery in Minneapolis on the day of the party. some fathers.

“Everything is a blur right now,” he said.

Rabenstein, a Domino’s veteran for more than 20 years now working at the St. Louis Park site, was making a delivery in southwest Minneapolis to a building on the corner of Excelsior Boulevard and List Place.

He remembers walking to the door and waiting for the customer to meet him when someone jumped into his Hyundai Tucson, with the engine running, and attempted to steal it.

“I turn around and see my car drive off,” Rabenstein said. “I put the pizzas down. And I start looking for them. And that’s about all I remember.”

Witnesses would need to fill in the rest as the suspect quickly circled around Rabenstein’s SUV on the dead end street and began to walk towards him. The vehicle struck Rabenstein, crushing him. He lost consciousness with a fractured back and a broken left wrist.

“The bone actually broke in half,” he said.

Apparently the thief then crashed the Hyundai before jumping into a getaway car that had a stolen license plate. The two suspects are still at large, according to Minneapolis police.

“It’s scary, surprising,” Rabenstein said. “It can happen to anyone. I never thought it would happen to me.”

Rabenstein, an avid collector of PEZ dispensers and Star Wars memorabilia, says his life is on hold. His crashed SUV is in his driveway.

Adding to the horrific pain of what happened, Rabenstein and his new wife, whom he married in May, face complicated insurance issues. He learned that he did not have a special waiver for his Hyundai that would cover damage caused while using a personal vehicle for delivery work.

“We see it all the time,” said Lindsay Keller, an attorney representing Rabenstein on insurance matters.

Keller says that increasingly in the concert economy, people are using their own vehicles for delivery services, like pizza, restaurants, and groceries. However, if they don’t specifically ask their agent or read their policies, they may never know if they are covered if something goes wrong at work.

“Anytime there is an accident or damage to your vehicle, if you work at that time and use your own vehicle, there will be no coverage unless you have the special endorsement. “said Keller.

“We are still waiting for news on insurance,” Rabenstein said. “I don’t know what’s going on with them yet. It’s a little scary because it’s our future.”

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