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Since the boundaries of rural fire stations, school districts, and fire districts do not follow municipal or municipal boundaries, there has been some confusion among residents as to who is eligible to participate in the program.

In addition, municipal officials received questions from citizens about the costs covered by the program.

Currently, the subscription service provides additional coverage to the subscriber’s health insurance benefits for the cost of the services provided by Coweta EMS. Patients receiving treatment with Coweta EMS who are not subscribed or currently have no health insurance are responsible for the cost of the treatment received.

Coweta Town Manager Roger Kolman said: “The town is able to work with our citizens who receive services from Coweta EMS, but currently find themselves without health insurance coverage.

– The ambulance subscription service was established in 1978 to offset the operating costs of the free (free) ambulance service offered to residents of the city. Participation in the program for city residents was mandatory.

– Over the next 20 years, several minor changes were made to the program, but the basic principle remained the same.

– In October 2001, the city passed Ordinance 560 which changed the program from a free service to an insurance supplement program. In exchange for the monthly subscription fee, the City would accept as full payment for ambulance services the amount reimbursed by the patient’s insurance.

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