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At Dec. 13 USD 260 Education Council approved the use of a GPS fleet vehicle tracking system for all districtsvehicles due that are not school buses. School buses are supported by specific student user systems.

Geotab, a fleet management solutions company, will provide the services. The company has more than 2 million systems installed worldwide.

Fleet tracking technology will track things like routes, speed, seat belt usage, hard braking, crashes, and more. The Geotab system also comes with a full maintenance reminder and tracking system.

Operations manager Burke Jones said when someone called and reported that a vehicle had been seen driving down Madison, he was unsure whether or not that was the case.

The new system will send an alert if a speed limit is exceeded for a predetermined amount of time, such as 30 or 60 seconds. Jones said they may need to fine-tune some of the parameters, depending on how the report is set up.

“I did a few tests and you can pass someone in under 15 seconds. Thirty seconds is a long time to exceed the speed limit of 15 miles per hour. It would be pretty hard to accidentally accelerate for that long. We may be surprised though, ”Jones said.

Jones said he and other supervisors and district officials are working on a policy for dealing with drivers who may be caught, for example, exceeding speed limits.

“We think we have a policy that is a good start and that we can refine it if necessary as we go along,” said Burke.

Jones said the district had other issues, particularly a customer reporting one of the district’s vehicles in a neighborhood and not near a school. He added that there was a reason for this in this situation.

“I think the tracking system just offers some accountability,” he said.

The Geotab system will cover 51 Derby School District vehicles at a cost of $ 18.87 per month per vehicle. The monthly total for the district is $ 962.37. The agreement with Geotab is a monthly agreement that allows the district to add or remove covered vehicles at any time.

Jones said he consulted with the school district’s insurance company and that no discounts would be applied to the district’s current insurance costs at this time with the installation of the new system. But he said it’s something that will be evaluated.

The City of Derby as well as the Wichita School District 259 also use the Fleet Tracking System on their vehicles.

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