The Christmas tree is coming to the capital – our latest podcast

The United States Capitol Christmas tree is on display thanks to six truck drivers. We will report his trip from California to Washington DC

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Bad weather across the country is causing warnings for truckers. Large LTL carrier folds, leaving hundreds of drivers jobless before the holidays. And if you can spell your state’s name correctly, you’ve got a head start on some DOT employees in Delaware.

II. The Capitol Christmas tree lights up

The United States Capitol Christmas tree is on display thanks to six truck drivers. We will report on the trip it took from California to Washington, DC We will also have an update on a story we brought to you last December about an elementary school student who works as the director of operations for his father’s trucking business.

III. Exclusions: what is not included

We visit the Insurance Interchange for another look at policy exclusions. This time, Trina McIntyre and Trista Roby from the OOIDA Truck Insurance Department talk to us about the types of freight that can be excluded from your policy.

IV. State problems, yesterday and today

If there is one rule in this universe, it’s that things change. This is as true in trucking as it is in anything else. We will see how the issues have changed and how OOIDA has changed its approach to these issues.

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