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Wheeler City Council agreed, in a meeting on Tuesday, September 21, to add city volunteers to the workers’ compensation policy.

In the past, the city’s insurance company provided the city’s workers’ compensation insurance. They dropped that line of insurance earlier this year and now act as a broker for SAIF and offer the same coverage.

During the meeting, board chairman Jim King said the only volunteers currently covered by the workers’ compensation policy are the board and the mayor. The proposal is to cover all Wheeler volunteers equally.

“Emergency volunteers are especially those who deserve special treatment and deserve this blanket,” King said.

The cost for emergency response volunteers would be $ 2.62 per $ 100 of payroll. Since they are volunteers, they are not paid, so the payroll is based on the Oregon minimum wage of $ 12.

“The number of hours based on $ 5,000 coverage is 416 hours,” King said.

Based on these hours, the annual cost would be $ 9.50 for volunteers and elected officials and $ 131 for emergency response members.

All volunteers are covered by city liability insurance if they are registered and approved as volunteers. If, in the performance of their volunteer duties, the volunteer injures someone else or damages their property, the insurance will defend the city and pay a claim for negligence on the part of the volunteer.

King said the liability protects the city but not the volunteer if he is injured. Once the city accepts the coverage, the insurance will provide deemed coverage of $ 5,000.

King said Manzanita covers their emergency volunteers and that Nehalem recently agreed to cover theirs. King offered to include all volunteers as long as they are registered and approved by the city.

“I think we need a little more information on the real costs of providing this to all of our volunteers, what the ramifications are,” Councilor Mike Glowa said. “I just think it’s premature to do it tonight, to endorse it.”

King said advisers had the cost information. Each volunteer should report when to start and when to stop, which is the responsibility of the leader of the volunteer team.

“Each volunteer reports the time to the team leader,” King said. “In the case of emergency response volunteers, no matter what they do, whether it’s a meeting or responding to an emergency, the accident compensation companies of the work charge the same.

The city has all documents showing every hour, King added. Insurance company conducts annual workers compensation audit, King.

“Once a year we do paperwork,” King said.

The board approved the addition of all volunteers to the workers compensation policy.

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